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Since ZT now no longer allows me to add network admins, how do I get my company to pay for the subscription fees? We need to upgrade but the network was created by my personal account. Any advice?

Yeah, have the same problem. And - tbh, the price is way to high. I don’t need 500, just a few more the 50, so I will prob. abandon ZT. Though I have my own ZT-controller running for a year I never used it much, and transferring all the hosts is annoying, so it might be easier to just switch to wireguard…
I’m really angry about the sudden change, Corona makes money I guess?

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I had a discussion with our management, we will be switching to a VPN too, as we do not need 500 and the price is too expensive for something we can do differently for free.

We’re working associating company accounts with other users to support this. Coming soon.

I’m also gutted about this change as I’m at about 45 nodes at the moment.

But to be honest, there is absolutely nothing on the market as generous as ZeroTier. Have a look at Tailscale’s free tier if in doubt. Nebula will go the same direction but they are ages away it terms of features.

Well, I have machines that are in all networks, so they count several times. And 50$ is just to much for less than 50 devices, a self-hosted controller costs almost nothing. What I don’t like about ztncui though is the missing information about online status and some other stuff, so I never used it besides experiments. I don’t like docker, so I run it on a Debian machine besides other things like Jitsi.
I now moved some smaller networks to this own controller, but still unsure, if I should continue using ZT. Probably wait for v2 and check its abilities before kicking it. Wireguard is promoted like hell and already in most distros, even OPNsense (FreeBSD-based firewall) has already a plugin for it, so it might be a possible route to go. If I need to change all clients anyway, I could also switch to something else …

I’m in exactly the same boat. If there was an option to pay for 100 nodes and about 3 admins we’d sign up in a heartbeat as we don’t need close to 500 nodes.

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