Trouble with Blue Iris

Good on LAN not so good on WAN
I can have BlueIris5 working on LAN no issues between comp and phone. (Using household network Ip). however, 8 out of 9 try’s my phone won’t connect on WAN. Via zerotier (when I turn off my Wi-Fi to test) what should I look at? Why is zerotier only works after multiple log in attempts on WAN? all others say “Unable to connect” “reason: Unable to reach server.”
I have the following.
Both are “on line” in the zerotier network.
I am getting confused what IP should go into the WAN of BI. - manage IP or physical - (if any??) and the WAN of BI app on phone. Manage IP or physical (if any?)
I have BI unchecked for “use an HTTPS port”
I have unchecked “Bind exclusively” (for the LAN setting) and I do see the adapters.
I looked at the firewall and it allows zerotier to go past it.
I have the default port for now 9993
It is driving me crazy! any help would be great!! thank you for your time.
Sorry my knowledge of networking is very limited so please be crystal clear what should be checked.

I have the “manage IP” of the desk top comp in the WAN of Blueiriis but it still takes several attempts (like 8) before zerotier connects to Blueiris from my phone… still need some help! Thank you for your time.

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