Troubleshooting, Nothing happens

I think that I’m just really stupid and not used to computers enough, but when I try to install zero tier… nothing happens, it opens, then it closes, accomplishing nothing.

Hi @gamerzonemcp! Sorry about your issue. Can you describe your setup (OS / what programs you are using / the zerotier version), and what you want to do in more detail so others can understand?

I’m using windows, and using the latest version of tier, and from what I know (which is not a lot) I don’t have any programs that could actually impact this. Ok, so, I double click “Zero Tier One” in my downloads, the program opens and says “Please wait while windows configures Zero Tier One” and below it says “gathering required information” with the option to cancel on the right, the green bar makes it halfway until it stops and resets, and after a few seconds the program closes with no error message.

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