TrueNAS Idiot problem

As my screen name says, I admit to being the village idiot and know not what I do. New to TrueNAS Scale, installed ZeroTier, I can see both TN and my latptop connected in ZT. How do I get to my TN web UI from distant end? I can ping the ZT ip address from my laptop while riding on a different vlan, but I can’t get to the SMB share or web ui when typing in the ZT ip in a web browser or \ip address in file explorer. If there is a newb guide somewhere on how to stop making repetitive posts or where I should have looked first, please point me in that direction. I bow to the council of higher intelligence and greatly appreciate your vectors.

System Information Overview
MB: Lenovo m93p
Intel(R) Core™ i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
16 Gig Ram
2x 12TB spinning rust
2x 512GB SSDs (one for OS, one for apps)

I figured it out. For anyone having this problem

Extra Args: This is your zerotier network ID number.
Under Global Pod Options (Advanced), check the Expert - Pod Options box, check the Host Networking.

Thats it.

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