Two Zerotier 1.6.1 nodes, same LAN, no firewall, not pinging each other via Mesh - LAN Ok


This was basically working yesterday, I woke up this morning just to see that my two nodes can’t talk with each other.

Node 1 is at my bare-metal Ubuntu 20.04.1 Desktop (bedroom), IP - Zerotier IP - - online

Node 2 is at my LXD bare-metal Ubuntu 20.04.1 Container in a PC (garage), IP - Zerotier IP - - online

They can both ping each other via the LAN’s IP ( can ping, I can ssh between then and there is no iptables/nftables firewall.

But they can not ping each other via Zerotier Network!

I can’t see each other LAN’s IPs at the zerotier-cli listpeers either.

What to do?

I remember that with Zerotier 1.4.3, when this happened, I could just leave a forever ping running and the link was kept alive… Strategy not working anymore? Seems like… :frowning:


The zerotier-cli listpeers shows an empty line where it was supposed to be my other local LAN node, look:

root@zerotier-container-1:~# zerotier-cli listpeers
200 listpeers <ztaddr> <path> <latency> <version> <role>
200 listpeers 3a46f1bf30;12770;2582 86 - PLANET
200 listpeers 62f865ae71;12770;2456 217 - PLANET
200 listpeers 6ab565387a;1454;1454 82 1.6.0 LEAF
200 listpeers 778cde7190;134;3196 54 - PLANET
200 listpeers 992fcf1db7;12770;2561 108 - PLANET
200 listpeers cfc58508d0 - -1 1.6.1 LEAF

Where is the LEAF’s IP (my other node)?

Is there any workaround available to try to fix this problem?

I removed all Zerotier nodes with:

apt purge zerotier-one -y
rm -rf /var/lib/zerotier-one

…then, I deleted the Zerotier Network out from and recreated everything again from scratch, using all the defaults at the web dashboard.

It’s working now!

root@desktop-1:~# zerotier-cli listpeers
200 listpeers <ztaddr> <path> <latency> <version> <role>
200 listpeers 3a46f1bf30;13143;2944 85 - PLANET
200 listpeers 5445n127b1;1175;1175 54 1.6.1 LEAF
200 listpeers 62f865ae71;13143;2812 217 - PLANET
200 listpeers 778cde7190;800;2974 59 - PLANET
200 listpeers 992fcf1db7;13143;7977 114 - PLANET
200 listpeers a0cbf4b62a;800;6637 84 1.6.0 LEAF

I can finally see my LAN ( peers and they can ping each other again!

Maybe something was messed up during the upgrade from 1.4.6?

I’ll send another message if it fails again.


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