Ubiquiti builds beyond 1.8.4?

Hello @zt-joseph I noticed that ZeroTier builds for Ubiquiti (mips arch at least) mentioned in the install doc are still at v1.8.4 (10-Mar-2022).
Does the build location has changed for more recent builds?
Or is there any hardware limitation preventing more recent builds ?

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Hopefully someone from ZeroTier can chime in with more a more specific answer, but here is something they had in a 1.12 blog post (found here: https://www.zerotier.com/blog/zerotier-summer-2023-release-1-12-0/):

Unsupported Linux Distributions
Due to toolchain issues the following *very old *Linux distributions and architectures are no longer supported with pre-compiled binaries in 1.12.


Thanks for that, I also see “The armel and mips targets are no longer supported due to problems building against libraries that require atomic memory access operations.”

So the latest version could be 1.10.6…

I am looking for multipath policies features, which seems to work on versions > 1.8.4

Are you trying to run it on Edgerouter or UDM? If Edgerouter, have you looked into running VyOS? I replaced my Edgerouters with VyOS, since even cheap mini-PCs outperform the ER, and VyOS is much more feature rich. Both Edgerouters and VyOS are forks of Vyatta, so it’ll be a familiar CLI, though there’s no GUI in VyOS.

That doesn’t necessarily solve your immediate problem of ZeroTier on Ubiquiti, but may be something you can look into long term.

Actually I double checked the distro on the packages and it based on Debian Stretch, so if I correctly understood, the platform should still be supported.

We need build for debian-stretch-mips (EdgeRouter) and debian-stretch-mipsel (EdgeRouter ×).
Not sure about the UDM architecture, but It seems to be arm64

And strangely there is are more recent builds up to 1.8.10 for mips/mipsel on the ZeroTier Debian repository (which is not used by the official install guide for Ubiquiti, but used in alternative guides):

And there is the latest for arm64:

I believe the only difference between the Debian repo and the Ubiquiti builds is the location of the config hardcoded to /config/zerotier-one instead of /var/lib/zerotier-one

PS: Thanks for the interesting info about VyOS, but it doesn’t solve my problem, since it appear to only run on x86/amd64.

Ah I just realized that bookworm, bullseye and buster are more recent than stretch… so debian-stretch-mips and debian-stretch-mipsel might not get latest version ?

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