Ubuntu... SNAP vs APT

I’m slowly de-Microsofting, and have replaced Win10 with Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 on my daily driver and laptop computers, but I’ve found that Zerotier is up-to-date on one but not the other. I can see that on one I installed using the snap, and on the other apt. IDK why I went that route, probably was past beer-thirty.
Anyways, it seems updates on the snap package are slower than I’d like (currently at 1.10.2, everything else is on 1.12.2), so I want to remove the snap package and install via apt.

I have 4 ubuntu server installs spread out at my family’s homes that are all on 1.12.2, so I must’ve randomly screwed this up on the laptop only.

So, how do I fix without breaking anything, if possible?

I thought about it and decided that I could just remove the snap and install through apt, then remove the old entries from my zt networks, join from the new install and then assign the old IPs to it, as well. Took less time than typing this question, lolz

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