UDM Pro Routing Issue - Help Needed

Hi All,
I found this post below which is exactly the issue i’m having, anyone any ideas how to resolve?

Thanks very much, Sean

I installed zerotier on my UDM Pro, authorized it and gave it a fixed ip. I also set it to bridge mode in my ZT Envoirment. I want to be able to access all other computers in the zero-tier network from my computer via the UDM Pro that now has zero tier on it.

So basically it goes like this:
OFFICE PC (no zerotier) → router (zerotier) → WAN → zerotier remote machine

I have created a static route in the UDM: via is my router local ip, is my zerotier range
My Zerotier IP on my router is

If I SSH to the UDM and I ping any devices in the same zerotier network I get a reply. When I ping from my computer, connected to UDM itself, I get no response. What am I doing wrong? Do I have to add some firewall rules? Or is the stating routing wrong.

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