Unable to connect from macOS to WIN11 via RDP

Hi all,

I have a Windows virtual machine within my network with RDP enabled (call this machine A). Connecting to machine A via an internal DHCP address is perfectly possible. When I try to connect to the Windows machine (A) on the zerotier network address, it gives me a 0x204 error on the Microsoft Remote Desktop app.

It is even getting stranger: I have another Windows machine in my network (same version) that I can connect to via the same RDP via the zerotier ip adress (machine B). I already checked some configurations, but that seems to be all the same. A zerotier RDP connection from B to A is also working perfectly.

So I tried the RD Client on my iPad and then it can connect to machine A. So configuration seems to be correct.

I also checked the firewall settings in macOS: my firewall is completely disabled.

Is there anyone who can give me some directions on what there is else to check or correct?

here some more info about the used versions.
macOS: Sonoma 14.1
zerotier macOS: 1.12.2
zerotier machineA: 1.12.2
zerotier machineB: 1.10.5
zerotier ipad: 1.12
Remote desktop client macOS: 10.9.4
Remote desktop client iPad: 10.5.2

0x204 is a generic “couldn’t connect” error so there’s something odd going on with the routing.

With Windows, often adding an interface will default to the Public network profile with the firewall enabled, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue since you can RDP from other machines across the zerotier network if I understand correctly.

From the Mac can you ping the Zerotier IP address of machine A? And what do you get with a traceroute from the Mac? and vice-versa?

Hi Erik,

thanks for your response. I can indeed RDP from other machines across the network. The only thing that is not working is the specific communication from Machine A to MacOS (and MacOS is the main set-up).

The ping from A to MacOS resulted in a time-out, but also the other way around.

The weird thing is that a ping from machine B to MacOS also results in a time-out, so for me that wasn’t really a reason to worry as my RDP on their is working.

The ping between my Windows machines is working normally (from A to B and around).

It is driving me a bit crazy.

I finally got it working…

The assigned IP-adress doesn’t seem to work for my macOS. What I did is adding in an extra IP that is just one number up from the ip adress of my Mac. So on macOS I get an ip-adress 10.x.x.252 and I manually assigned the ip-address 10.x.x.253 to Machine A.

And all of a sudden the remote connection is now working… Don’t ask me for a reasoning. Most important thing is that it works. :slight_smile:

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