Unable to connect post firewall upgrade

I had 20 Windows hosts all setup and accessible on a single ZT network. I could ping & RDP into the hosts, then the company who manage our corporate network upgraded the company firewall.

The ZT clients show up on the ZT browser console as being online and authenticated.
When I open ZT from the systray & click on Show Networks on the Windows host, it displays with a Status of OK and with a valid IP address.

But when I attempt to RDP to the IP address I don’t connect, I just get the generic RDP failed to connect message.

The only way I could fix this was by uninstalling & reinstalling. I don’t want to do that on 19 other hosts.

It’s like the ZT client on the hosts has lost its way and a reinstall tells it to go out and find it way again.

Prior to the uninstall, I:

  • Restarted the ZT Windows service several times
  • Rebooted the host
  • Disconnected from the network, restarted the ZT service, upon attempting to reconnect I’d get Not Authorised even though the host was still listed in the ZT browser console as authorised.

The network people said:

A new firewall was created and the config was moved across. At 6pm old
firewall was shut down and the new firewall was assigned the correct
interfaces to take its place.

I’m wondering if the routes the ZT client used to connect became void when the new firewall was put in place??

Is there a way I can tell the ZT client to go and find its way again so I don’t have to reinstall ZT on 19 hosts?

Thanks for any help.

ZeroTier should automatically switch over. But we’ve had some reports of things getting stuck. There should be a new release relatively soon. Though that would also mean installing 20 times.
One user said stopping the zerotier service for at least 10 minutes lets him get back online.

Thanks Travis.

I will check that 10 minute service stop fix.

So does ZT not auto update?

Also, how can I be notified of updates etc? What’s the best way to stay informed???


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