Unable to Connect to ZeroTier Service on Raspberry Pi Running RaspAP

I have a travel router that I built out of a Raspberry Pi 4B running RaspAP on Raspbian OS, which I would like to run ZeroTier on as well. I have installed ZeroTier on the Raspberry Pi, but when I try to check the status of the service, it says:

Error connecting to the ZeroTier service:

Please check that the service is running and that TCP port 9993 can be contacted via

I am also unable to join any networks with ZeroTier. When I try, I receive “0 join” without any other details.

I believe that I am having the same issue that @sq8l had in the following post:

@sq8l stated that his solution was to modify the NAT rules on his Raspberry Pi, but he did not provide any details on how he did that. The post has been closed so I am unable to reply to it, and I do not see a way to message him directly, so I am starting this new post in hopes that someone can assist me with modifying my NAT rules on the Raspberry Pi to exclude the lo device I have tried some iptables commands, but each command seems to add another anywhere/anywhere NAT rule, which doesn’t resolve the issue. I have rebooted multiple times and the issue persists. Below are my current NAT rules in iptables. Thanks for your help!

target prot opt source destination

Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target prot opt source destination

target prot opt source destination
MASQUERADE all – anywhere anywhere

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