Unable to get ZeroTier working [Manjaro/Endeavour]

Hi, I’m trying to get ZeroTier setup for a few LAN sessions, mostly Minecraft since my ISP doesn’t allow for port forwarding, and I’m struggling to get it configured to properly work a server together.

I got a node setup, 2 devices, a laptop with EndeavourOS and a desktop with Manjaro, which runs the server and runs by localhost, however if I try joining on any other system, then it does not work. Pinging just gives a “Host unreachable” error if I ping my laptops ZT ip. Got the same results on a Windows VM but chalked that up to being a VM.

Both have ZeroTier running, aren’t relaying when I check that, and are authorized when I check the webui, so I have no idea what I’m missing here, whether it’s firewall or something else.

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