Unable to install last update on fedora 38

I’m using Nobara 38 wich is like fedora 38 and the last update, the 1.12.2-1 for zerotier-one ends with el7 and not fc38. I think that it should be zerotier-one.x86_64.1.12.2-1.fc38 and not zerotier-one.x86_64.1.12.2-1.el7.
Also, with that comes missing dependencies regarding libsslso.10 and libcrypto.so.10.
I don’t know what to do to be able to use the last update, i hope this helps someone to correct the error if there is one.

Ironically enough, I’ve just found that EL8 works for Fedora core 38, so you can adjust the repo accordingly. It was what you said above which got me thinking, and it resulted in a working solution.

Repo entry: Index of /redhat/el/9/

I reinstalled zerotier and now it uses the correct version!

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