Unable to login, not getting any password reset email

I had to create a whole new account under a different email address because I can’t get logged into my normal account. It just keeps saying incorrect username or password. Forgot Password never sends me an email. I have confirmed the email address is working, and I have confirmed that the email isn’t just getting mulched by exchange online - the email never gets received, which says to me it never gets sent.

I could find no other way to contact anyone (I don’t know if we’re considered a paying customer or not - I do pay for additional nodes, though), and I was unable to post in the community as I couldn’t get logged into my account.to post. I can’t access central because… well, you see the pattern. :slight_smile:

I checked the suggested topics before posting, and the only ones that match my issue close without explaining any kind of resolution other than one was able to be assisted by support… so, if someone from support could contact me, that would be great. Or reply so i can DM them and we can hopefully get this sorted out.


There are 2 accounts in the database from your email domain. The one you’re writing on here via and a 2nd one that is a paid account.

The paid account had its email address changed by someone to a different email address on the same domain a few days ago. I’m guessing you’re trying to use the previous email address associated with the account. In this case, things are working properly as doing the “forgot password” flow will not send anything for accounts that do not exist.

I’d check with people in your organization that have access to the account and see who changed it & to what.

OK. Does the system send an email to verify that the new email exists and that what was entered is actually valid and owned by whoever changed it? I’ve scanned all inbound email for the last 10 days and there is nothing from *@zerotier.com in the logs.


Yes indeed it does send emails to verify email changes. Our records show the email was updated successfully & sending emails and verifying them is part of that process.

Could you tell me the email address it sends those confirmations from? I did a test password change on this account I’m using and it sent from my@zerotier.com. I guess I could do a longer scan, just exchange online is deadly slow at getting around to it. :slight_smile: Can you trigger a password change on the account? If the person whose email is in use for that does nothing, the password doesn’t change. At least then I could see who gets the email from the Exchange side and approach them and figure out what happened.

I do appreciate your commitment to security, and I’m trying to find a way that maintains that security while still helping me figure this out. :slight_smile:


That is the email address that it sends from.

OK, then I will need your help in recovering this account - I show no emails from anything @zerotier.com since 18 July which was an invoice for our monthly payment, and that was sent to the old email address that was on the account. If you’re saying the new address is on the same domain, I have no idea where the emails were sent or who acknowledged them. Is there anything you could send through to any account that would satisfy you to let me back in?


Good morning - will someone be able to assist me with this? I’ve been, essentially, locked out for several days and do need to get in to activate a new connection.

And I just noticed that your title is BOFH. That was some quality entertainment back in the day. :slight_smile:


I really need your assistance with this. We’re a paid customer, and someone has potentially compromised our account - I just want to get it back under my control.

Traveling and in the middle of the desert at the moment on the way to DEFCON so my access is limited.

As stated before, the email address was changed to another one at the same email domain. Please check with members of your company that had access to the account and see who changed it.

Beyond that, for security purposes there isn’t much we can do.

Sending you a direct message


Understood and thanks for the reply. Can you at least trigger a password reset? That way I can see whose email it goes to? Nobody else should have had access to the original email, so that’s why I’m considering this a fairly serious issue.

I started typing not-entirely-random emails in the org into the forgot password form until i saw one come through. I was fortunate it was in the first few. I was able to see who changed it (she thought she was changing it only for the billing contact). Thanks for your guidance - enjoy DEFCON. :slight_smile:


My thanks to Grant and Travis. Thankfully there was nothing nefarious going on and it was just a misunderstanding about which email address needed to be updated for billing emails and the person ended up changing the main account email address.

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