Unattended start for windows machines

I have tried to use TailScale for smb and rdp connections to my home server when away from my home network. I noticed that it provided unattended start in it’s settings menu, which is important for if I need to reboot the server from out of my home. However, I was unable to connect to my network shared folders on TailScale, which is what drew me to use ZeroTier. I have no issues so far with this service, but I have not been able to find an unattended start option for windows at all. Is there a settings option for this that I just am not seeing? Or is this something that I should recommend the devs incorporate into their windows application? Or is it set for this by default and I’m just dumb?

The zerotier-one process is a system level service that starts automatically at boot. The UI is a separate program that talks to the system service, and is not required for operation of ZeroTier

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