Undelete a member

Hello! I have mistakingly deleted a member from the network. The only piece of information I do have is the member ZT IP address. Unfortunately, I do not have the node ID and the mac address is not present in the ARP cache.

Is it possible to undelete the member ? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Only way to do that is via manually adding the node ID. Without that there’s no way to undelete it.

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Thanks for your response.

Going by your response, likely the answer is no but I’ll ask anyways - is there a way to retrieve all the node IDs which were part of the network ?

Not once they’ve been deleted.

Ok. Weekend just got interesting :frowning:

Thanks for the quick responses!

It might still be in the output of zerotier-cli peers


You Sire saved the day ! Member successfully retrieved. Thank you!

how to seletc ,please,I had the same question