Unifi UDM-Pro configuration for LAN access

Hi all
I have installed, configured and got Zerotier working on my UDM-PRO (running 2.4.27) following this tutorial Ubiquiti | ZeroTier Documentation. With this I am able to connect from anywhere to my UDP pro.

My problem now is how does the UDP machine needs to be configured to provide complete LAN access via Zerotier As I have a failover WAN acces meaning Zerotier has to be configured to router either via eth10 or eth9 depending on the FailOver status.
Is it possible to configure the UDM to be accessible via Zerotier either while the router is on primary or secondary connection ?

Thanks for any help on this

I think I have found partly the answer:MULTIPATH.

Is MULTIPATH compatible with setting Route between ZeroTier and Physical Networks ??? if so how do we configure iptables ? https://zerotier.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/224395274/Route+between+ZeroTier+and+Physical+Networks

The ZeroTier Documentation mention to place the installation package in */config/data/firstboot/install-packages/ so that Zerotier re-install after firmware upgrade, the question is where do we place the personalised LOCAL.CONF file so that is is copied back to /var/lib/zerotier-one/ when there is a firmware upgrade ?

Hi there,
How did you get around the errors in step one?

“curl https://download.zerotier.com/dist/ubiquiti/zerotier-one_arm64.deb \ –output /config/data/firstboot/install-packages/zerotier-one.deb”

I didnt get write permissions and the /config folder doesnt exist. I tried this instead and it installed but I dont know if will persist through an automated upgrade…

“curl https://download.zerotier.com/dist/ubiquiti/zerotier-one_arm64.deb
–output /persistent/dpkg/stretch/packages/zerotier-one.deb”
This was just a guess for me because I figured “persistent” might stick around through upgrades…

ZT keeps getting kicked offline and I lose the config each time the UDMPro updates itself.

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