Unusual high ping (percentage of users)


Our setup is as follows
Remote workers, at home with zerotier
Mikrotik RB3011UiAS running 7.1.1

Zerotier range is
Managed routes added are:,,

We’ve reviewed
https://docs.zerotier.com/zerotier/troubleshooting#high-latency--relaying (High Latency Relaying)
Troubleshooting & FAQ | ZeroTier Documentation (Recommended Config)

Essentially all was working well until recently. Remote workers all show DIRECT for the links in peers.
Ping for myself, from home is stable and has an average of 14ms ping with no packet loss. However some other workers are getting averages of 80ms on average, and occasional ping loss. This is to other zerotier devices as well as the router, and the devices behind the managed routes.

We don’t believe it’s the home workers broadband/equipment as it was previously working well and a “traditional vpn” brings the ping responses back down to a reasonable 16ms average.

Any thoughts, or things to test or try?


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