Update for ReadyNAS

I have zt 1.4.0 running on a Netgear ReadyNAS 204. This runs a ported version of Debian 8.11 Jessie that Netgear distributed on top of an Ananpurna Labs Alpine processor with a kernel version 4.4.218.

It is working fine, but for how long and what security vulnerabilities might I encounter on such an old release?

This processor is an Dual core Anapurna Labs Duel Core AL212 ARM Cortex A15 (ARM71) 1.4GHz processor and 2GB of RAM.

I see that there is an armel build of 1.10.3 for Debian 10 Buster. Has anyone done a backport to Debian 8 Jessie for 1.10.3? Has anyone tried to install the armel 1.10.3 on their ReadyNAS?

I do have ReadyNAS RN214 with same configuration and thinking the same way.
Will it be any release of ZeroTier for Netgear ReadyNAS armel x86 ARM7 ?

I was using nastools-zerotier-one_1.1.14-nt3_armel.deb but It seems curl script no longer works in Debian Jessie.

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