Update on managed routes "management"

Hello dear community.

In my current ZT setup, I have a few ZT linux boxes across different countries. Users have Zerotier for many services, and one of them is for routing. One of the use is to route an specific webpage that needs a local IP. Example, Users from country A, needs to access a website in country B, but that website only allows local IPs. So I use Zerotier and the linux box to route them to the website using the local IP from country B. This all works perfectly.

But also, users from country B, needs to access websites using country’s A IP. So I need to have routes for both websites.

Now the problem, (not really a problem but and annoyance) is that, because all managed routes get pushed to all clients that has “managed routes” enabled, users in country A still get routed through ZT to the linux box when they go the their own country website, instead of using their own IP.

So the question is, will there be a way in the near future for us to set managed routes on a per client or group basis? For example using capabilities, I could set a route for a group of users in country A and route them to website B only.

Hopefully I made myself clear.
I appreciate any input on this.

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