Update ZeroTier software on Macs remotely

Is it possible to update the ZeroTier software of Macs remotely or semi-automatically? Currently I use Apple Remote Desktop to log in to each of the Macs, download and install the new package, etc etc.
Just wondering if there is any easier way e.g. a single SSH command or some kind of automatic update mechanism.

apple has a command

sudo installer -pkg "$HOME/Downloads/ZeroTier One.pkg" -target /

There is a small chance that something could go wrong in the installer, and you’d lose access to the machine. So be careful if it’s hard to get physical access. :slight_smile:

You could the installer inside a screen or tmux sesssion and do like $install-command; sleep 60 && $reboot-command. This will reboot the computer after 60 seconds, unless you still have access and can press ctrl-c before the time is up. YMMV.

I’m not sure what the proper macOs reboot command is off the top of my head.

Thanks, but presumably you’d have to have downloaded the .pkg already to that Downloads folder, no? I was thinking more of something to pull it from the net, download, install etc. It’s not a big deal and I keep TeamViewer operational in case anything goes wrong with ZT. Was just wondering if there was something I was missing…

Hi, thanks.
There are tools out there for managing software updates. We unfortunately can’t also build one ourselves and zerotier at the same time.
Hopefully zerotier will be in the app store some day. A low lever driver thing it uses is not allowed by the app store.

actually, little known fact, the install script works on macos too

curl -s https://install.zerotier.com | bash

and zerotier-one is in homebrew too, if anyone uses that.

Nice that seems to work. So that curl command will just pull whatever is the latest version and install it, even over another older version?

 curl -s https://install.zerotier.com | bash

*** ZeroTier One Quick Install for Unix-like Systems

*** Tested distributions and architectures:
***   MacOS (10.7+) on x86_64 (just installs ZeroTier One.pkg)
***   Debian (7+) on x86_64, x86, arm, and arm64
***   RedHat/CentOS (6+) on x86_64 and x86
***   Fedora (16+) on x86_64 and x86
***   SuSE (12+) on x86_64 and x86
***   Mint (18+) on x86_64, x86, arm, and arm64

*** Please report problems to contact@zerotier.com and we will try to fix.

*** Detected MacOS / Darwin, downloading and installing Mac .pkg...
installer: Package name is ZeroTier One
installer: Upgrading at base path /
installer: The upgrade was successful.

*** Waiting for identity generation...

*** Success! You are connected to port XXXXXXXXXX of Earth's planetary smart switch.

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