Updated to 1.8.8, now intermittent connection to machine running 1.2.12

The machine running 1.2.12 is hard to update.

1.2.12 was released 4 years ago and there’s been lots of updates & bug fixes since then. There’s not much we’ll be able to do to help or debug the issue.

Thanks, mostly wanted to know if others had seen something like this.
The machine it’s installed on only speaks to the internet via zerotier.
So I’m afraid to do an update an loose it.

Judging by internal stats, the vast majority of users have long moved on from the 1.2.x releases.

That’s a pain.
Could allow ssh connections temporarily for the upgrade?

There are also tricks like do-upgrade; sleep 60 && rollback/reboot/openfirewall (in a tmux or screen session)

It was the easiest way to secure the server.
But there are downsides.
So I’ll take your suggestion and just turn on SSH for a moment.

I’ll have to read up on that!

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