UPnP Rules on Windows client


I have an issue with ZeroTier, I believe it’s the one on Windows, as all the rules are for my windows machine’s IP.

Doesn’t ZeroTier clean up after itself when it comes to UPnP rules? AnyDesk and qBittorrent don’t create the amount of rules that ZeroTier creates…

AnyDesk creates one rule for each IP on my machine, qBittorrent creates only 1 rule.

It’s kind of annoying having to regularly clean up my rules…

My router is a MEO FiberGateway GR241AG (provided by my ISP).

Only happens with my Windows desktop, I have a Raspberry Pi and multiple VMs with ZeroTier and have no issues with UPnP. I believe it is creating one rule each time I turn on my computer.

Any idea on how to solve this?

Thank you

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