Use Raspberry or VM with ZeroTier as intermediary to connect to ZT network

Hello all.
My company laptop (Win11) does not allow any traffic via ZeroTier - they prohibit installations as well.
My current setup to connect to ZeroTier network from company laptop is done with second personal (Win10) laptop, where I share ZeroTier network adapter via ethernet, then I connect both laptops with cable. Sharing is a standard windows sharing.
On company laptop, I get assigned 192.168.137.x (windows defaults), add 1 route command to look for IP range in (default GW), and I am done, it works.

However, 2 laptops can be quite heavy when travelling, only to act as a gateway.

Can someone please help me how to copy this setup, but with a raspberry pi 4? Raspberry would be connected to internet via wifi, and to ZT network. Then I would like to be able to connect raspberry with company laptop via cable, add route and go.

Or, if possible, the whole thing could be done in VM, as we are allowed to use VMs, whether Win or Linux. But I am not sure how to share a specific (ZeroTier) adapter in linux like I am used to in Windows.

Thank you for any help.