Use Zerotier in DevOps Pipeline

I want to use zerotier in a devops pipeline to access a test device. It works fine so far but I can only use the public option for the network. If I want to use the privat network it sets up a new interface on every pipeline run with a new Address. So the solution for me would be to set a predefined address on connect in my pipeline for this client. Is this possible or is there another solution for my case?

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ZeroTier Central has a REST API you could use to authorize devices on a private network, get IP addresses, etc. Documentation for the API can be found here


Is there specific tooling you’re using to drive your pipeline?

You might be interested in our Terraform integration (which uses the Central API that Grant spoke of).

There are examples for programatically creating networks, authorizing members, and bootstrapping ephemeral cloud instances via cloud-init.

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Hi, I got it working with the API, it was super simple. Thanks for the Help, I should read the docs next time :slight_smile:

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