Using custom moons to relay traffic

I’m wondering how to get a client to use a moon to relay some traffic. I have set up my own controller and 2 moons, configured the clients too.

I have client A, Moon 1, Moon 2 and endpoint 2.

endpoint 2 can talk to Moon 1 and moon 2 directly, but cannot talk to the internet where Client A is. Client A can talk to Moon 1 and Moon 2 but not to the internal network where endpoint 2 is.

At least sometimes, this does what I’d expect and Client A talks to Moon 1 or Moon 2 which forward the traffic to endpoint 2. At other seemingly random times, no traffic passes at all.

Client A and endpoint 2 both show the other as leafs in
zerotier-cli listpeers

However, they do not show any communication:
200 listpeers ztid - -1 1.12.1 LEAF

I feel like I’m missing something here about the moon working as a relay to internal networks…

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