Using zerotier and moonlight + sunshine

Hi, I recently followed a video to setup sunshine for moonlight for streaming pc games remotely on my iphone 13 pro max. Since iso does not allow me to connect to other networks unless its local network with moonlight, I got zerotier setup to work around this apple restriction on iso. I do see both my gaming PC and iPhone active and authorized on the zerotier central. I copied the managed IP address and manually added it as a host to moonlight but it keeps saying “Could not connect to host”. Is there something else I am missing here? any help would be appreciated, and sorry this is my first time setting up something like this.

here is the video I followed: How to use Moonlight on iOS Devices for Remote PCs - Moonlight ZeroTier Setup - YouTube

update, so it finds the PC now but…
so looks like i have to open up my ports but i notice only tcp work but udp ports dont open up except for one, this was done in my router ip port setting. i guess they closed their udp? so i have to buy a third party router

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