Using ZeroTier on a nighthawk RAX29 router

Is there a way to run ZT on a NETGEAR nighthawk router?

Probably not unless you can stall an open firmware for it like OpenWRT

How interested is the community for this function?

Well, there may not be an overwhelming response right now, there will be. Thousands of people would love another option. We all love zero tier for simplicity. This would make it that much better.

Unfortunately, we can only work on devices that allow running ZeroTier natively. Other vendors allow for e.g. Docker containers or 3rd-party packages to be installed, but I believe Netgear’s router firmware is more locked down.

We’d love to support the RAX devices directly, but it’s up to Netgear to either open up some external packaging tools, or for some enterprising maintainer of DD-WRT or another open firmware framework to work out how to install there. (I’ve seen some discussion of why that’s hard on these routers in particular, since the WiFi 6 chipset(s) in use require proprietary blobs, but I’m definitely not an expert in that realm.)

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