Using ZeroTier to Connect to a Windows RDP Server on a Starlink-Enabled Home Network via a Linode Linux Entry Point

I have a scenario where I want to access a Windows 10 RDP “server” on my home network from work using Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) and standard software. The problem is that my primary internet service provider (ISP) is Starlink, which uses a CGNAT, and I cannot have ZeroTier installed on my work computer.

My idea is to install ZeroTier on the home Windows 10 RDP host (or maybe another computer) on my home network, then somehow link it to a cheap Linode server, and use the hostname.domain.tld:PORT through the Linode as the primary connection (entry point) to jump over to my home.

I am not familiar with how to set this up using ZeroTier and I would like to get some feedback before proceeding. Can you provide suggestions or a step-by-step guide (even generally would help) on how I might do this?

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