Using Zerotier to link multi different networks!

hello everyone !!

Guys i need your help , i am confused .

i have 3 different networks , every network is located in different city with different subnet, i want to allow all clients in every network to see each other and share resources ,using Zerotier . i dont want to install zerotier in each client ,just in one machine then that machine forwarding to LAN devices .

see this diagram

do i need a router in every network or can do it in zerotier controller or what !!!


I have done something similar to what you are asking for.
In all locations I installed Zerotier on the Router (Debian), set a Managed route e.g ( via 10.x.x.x)
Now all locations are able to communicate with any device on the network without the need of installing the Zerotier Client individually.

yes, you need a router that does your zerotiering if you do not want to install zerotier on each computer.

Thanks guys . what about expose LAN using only one client that having zerotier on it .

Do i need router for this too???

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