Valid IP Configuration

Hello, recently I have come in contact with an issue while trying to join my friends in modded minecraft through Zerotier. I know this is form Zerotier as regular servers don’t get this issue, same with modded not on Zerotier.

Whenever I try and join, it acts fine for a bit, until everything freezes and I get the “” error. When I use the windows troubleshoot for Wi-Fi and select Zerotier, I get image one in this imgur.
Image 2 is when I press next, and image 3 is detailed information.
I have no idea what to do, as I really want to play with my friends again.

I have a problem similar to what you say, it happens that I have a single network for all my work team, but I use different routers to obtain an IP for each team or work department and thus separate the devices by departments, in windows it works very Well, because I can assign several IPs to a computer, that is, from my work point I have access to all the departments because I have in my connection all the network segmentation of the different routers, but in ios devices, android worked perfectly and now only It takes me a single ip even though I have assigned it several ip as before. I don’t know if it’s their problem, although nobody here gives an answer.

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