Version 1.12.0 require iproute instead of iproute2 on raspbian

Hello there,
If I try to update to the lastest version on a raspi running raspbian (debian), I get:

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
zerotier-one : Depends: iproute but it is not installable

I suppose it’s a bug on the release.

Thanks for the report. We’ll take a look.

I have manually modified the “control” to get iproute2 and everythings seems to work.

In case someone want to try:

apt-get download zerotier-one
dpkg-deb -x zerotier-one_1.12.0_armhf.deb ZeroTest
pkg-deb --control zerotier-one_1.12.0_armhf.deb ZeroTest/DEBIAN
nano ZeroTest/DEBIAN/control  ----NOTE: (here you must change iproute to iprouter2)
dpkg -b ZeroTest/ zerotier-one_1.12.0_armhf_mod.deb
apt-get install ./zerotier-one_1.12.0_armhf_mod.deb

Adding my voice, ran into it this morning. Thank you for looking into it, and for an otherwise top notch product.

Updated 1.12.0 packages have been pushed out. You should be able to update now.

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All fixed! Thank you very much.

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