Video streaming low quality

I successfully run the Zerotier. I am transmitting video stream through. The internet connection speed is good. (35 Mbps) but the video is being received by delay and low quality.

It looks a VPN issue.
Is there any setting I can make by Zerotier?


@tech what is the latency between the 2 devices?

min= 156
Average = 178 ms

How have you currently setup the video stream?

From those ping times, it looks like you may be relaying packets through a root server because your network members can’t establish direct connections. Please see the Router Configuration Tips knowledge base article.

Thank you! yes you are right. my connections are root relayed and are not peer to peer.

The thing is I am using GSM connection on both sides and I don’t know how I can check the tips that are recommended in “Router Configuration Tips”.
Should I ask something from the Mobile network company?

I have used GStreamer service.

Another thing is that in my Zerotier Central account, I see it is mentioned Physical IP for both nodes but when I check it through command line (The tip illustrated in Router Configuration tips), the physical IP is not recognized.

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