VLAN tagging and DSCP modifying via flow rules?

Hello. In short - I wanna at least is to parse and mainly is to set/unset VLAN tags and change DSCP values via ZeroTier flow rules.

I need VLAN parse because I use ZeroTier on my mikrotik hap ac3 with vlans on a switch chip, and it can’t manage vlans on another bridge ports but ethernet ports in this mode. So if I want to add zerotier interface to this bridge and use it propertly with another network members I must do untag vlan on zerotier side.

I see parser iptos at flow rules matches, but it still missing action to change it. E.G. if I want to set DSCP at any ICMP packet to EF (46) if this field is unchanged (set to 0)

I don’t seen any flow rules actions that can do this, so I make this topic as feature request.

The rules engine can’t modify packets.

Roger that. But what about to add VLAN untagging feature at least to basic client side? Client receive just it’s tagged VLAN frames AND untag it on client side and also add a VLAN tag to frames before sent it and this setting is configured on controller.

I really hope to see VLAN tricks on zerotier side someday.