Vnc server acces behind cgnat understanding question

Hello everyone…

I am new to this cgnat nonsense and trying to establish a vnc connection to a wince machine in a 10.25.10.x network behind a cellular modem/router and of course no port forwarding cutting it.
So i looked around and found zero tier and it reads promissing but i would like to hear opinions if my plan could work with zerotier free version.
The wince machine cannot run anything extra clients or so on it…it just provides the vnc server and whats already running on it…
So how could i introduce zero to this network and have it expose the vnc to someone running vnc on his phone or laptop or home pc?
As far i understand i have to run an extea machine in the network as a bridgehead running zero…but after that i am kinda lost.
Does that sou d doable?
I will keep reading up but hope for a quick nop…dont waste your time or sure thing…willwork kinda deal

Either way…any hint to examples, tutorials and any thoughts are highly appreciated

What is your router? If you’re lucky [Teltonika, Routerboard] then you can install Zerotier on it directly.

Thx for your reply…

The router/modem is a microhard ipn4gpii and i am not quite sure if this would work. Couldnt find anything about it.
I would be fi e with putting a bridgehead machine i to that network but i would need some routing/ipsec help on that.

Step 1, ask the vendor. It might be Yet Another OpenWRT-Based Router and very easy to install Zerotier on it, and they may be able to see the value this adds to their product line.
If you can’t install it on the existing router then you need to add something else into the network with it on. The easiest way would be to use an existing router platform that supports Zerotier and create static routes to your Zerotier router on your Microhard router [or just replace the Microhard router entirely].
I don’t think IPsec comes into this.

Ok,subject can be closed.
Went and pkaced a bridgehead ubuntu machine into that network and run connection iver that. Routing into network works flawless and after short irritation with sleep mode of ubuntu, it is now stable for almost a week
Thx everyone

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