VPN Exit / MACOS Behind Starlink and ifconfig (Not an issue but a Query)

Hi All,

I have a VPN exit node hosted in Singapore and my MAC M1 max is behind a starlink Philippines which fluctuates between ipv4 and ipv6. It all works perfectly apart from one thing on testing routing.

  1. ifconfig reports my ipv6 location and not the exit node config
  2. icanhazip.com does the same
  3. When I turned off allowing apps to access my location, speedtest started to report the correct ipv4 layer and I got 221mbps down (Starlink is max 250mbps depending, so 221 is 100%) and 7.5mbps (Starlink is 12.5mbps varying) through Zerotier which is awesome

The web interfaces all report the correct ip but just not the cli level, this only seems to happen on my MAC book Intel and Apple Silicon machines.

I noticed also that speedtest on the cli reports the wrong throughput, whereas the web insterface reports the correct one, is there possibly a physical layer setting over an application layer setting that can align cli testing and html throughput testing?

If anyone has any idea

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