VPN over tethering

I have a PC that shares localy some files to a old Wondows Mobile 6.0 PDA.

Since the windows mobile is needing to be used outside my local network, and since windows mobile 6.0 is not supported by zerotier, I would like to try this scenario:

1 - PC with zerotier
2 - Android Mobile with Zerotier and tethering to windows mobile (3)
3 - Windows mobile connecting to android via wifi (2)

Even enabling bridge, I cannot ping 1 from 3 but I can ping 2 from 3 using zt IP address
So the question is if this can be done and what I should do for this to work ?

Best regards

Trying with other solutions but still not getting it to work :disappointed_relieved:

Tryed another solution with some sucess. but I have to root the device.

Any other options ?

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