Waiting for ZeroTier system service... taskbar-info

Hi, i start ZeroTier, but i can´t access any options. If i click on the ZeroTier-icon in the taskbar i get this into:
Waiting for ZeroTier system service…

I am using the 1.10.2-version on Windows10 64bit.

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need help as well, can’t seem to join my mates.

Posted elsewhere in the forum:

macOS fix:

  • Close the ZeroTier tray application
  • Open a terminal and execute the following command: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/authtoken.secret and possibly rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/authtoken.secret as well
  • Reopen the ZeroTier UI application. You should be prompted for the administrator password so you can re-copy the authtoken into your user settings folder.


  • Open Explorer and type: %LOCALAPPDATA%\ZeroTier\ into the location bar.
  • Remove authtoken.secret.
  • If a One subfolder exists, delete authtoken.secret from there as well.
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