Waiting for ZeroTier system service…

I’m having this problem, which I’ve seen (through searching) that others have had as well. I’m able to resolve the issue each time it occurs, but at a very large inconvenience. I’m wondering if there is possibly a way to avoid the issue in the first place.

I have a Windows 11 installation that is managed remotely. Normal access to the remote installation relies on ZeroTier (so it starts at login and is running all the time). Whenever the machine crashes (for example: due to power loss), the machine powers back on, but ZeroTier is left hanging with the subject state (doesn’t run, and displays ‘Waiting for ZeroTier system service’ in the taskbar info field).

I’ve seen this resolution elsewhere in the forum:

Posted elsewhere in the forum:

macOS fix:

  • Close the ZeroTier tray application
  • Open a terminal and execute the following command: rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/One/authtoken.secret and possibly rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/ZeroTier/authtoken.secret as well
  • Reopen the ZeroTier UI application. You should be prompted for the administrator password so you can re-copy the authtoken into your user settings folder.


  • Open Explorer and type: %LOCALAPPDATA%\ZeroTier\ into the location bar.
  • Remove authtoken.secret.
  • If a One subfolder exists, delete authtoken.secret from there as well.

This works. However, it requires local administration to accomplish. My goal is to get the machine to not have this issue when it returns from a crash. I’m using a UPS, but there are still times the machine crashes and restarts (then has this issue).

I’m using the latest ZeroTier (1.12.2). I’ve also found an easier solution: By using the installer, I can do a ‘repair’ and that also resolves the issue. Still, in my case, this requires a drive to the installation. My end-goal is to somehow prevent this from happening so I can fully manage remotely.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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