Waiting for ZeroTier system services

I cant connect to ZeroTier, i al ready apply this:
ok so i managed to make it work. It was, surprise surprise, a permission problem.

so what i did was :

  1. right click the zerotier folder in ProgramData and select properties
  2. in the Security tab, click on advanced and select “enable inheritance”.
  3. then i closed the ui and deleted the folder in appdata like you told me (i prob didn’t need to do this but just in case)
  4. i stopped the zerotier service and proceeded to reinstall Zerotier.
  5. i re-enabled the service after installation and voila, it worked.

ty Travis for your time and guidance <3 i hope this will also help other people with the same problem.

And with the firewall I turn off too.

Hi! Same problem, previous solution didn’t help

Looks like installing 1.8.4 instead of 1.8.5 worked for me.

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