Weird behaviour on Windows PC

Hello, I have an RPi running ZT and Pihole which is running perfectly aside from a problem I cannot solve.

on a Windows 11 PC running ZT (outside the LAN network) - when connected via ethernet cable, the pihole doesn’t work, I can still go to the website that is supposed to be blocked by pihole but it is working properly when I switch the connection to Wifi (same ISP).

nslookup shows

server unknown - ethernet

server unknown - Wifi (this is the IP address of RPi under the zt network)

Pihole settings under DNS settings - - - > interface settings - - - > permit all origins.

in the Windows settings - - > network adapters - → zerotier adapter- Primary DNS is the IP address of the RPi under the zt network.

green box is nslookup via ethernet cable
red box is via wifi (same ISP)

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