Wget/curl through ZeroTier


I have 2 machines on an internal network. They are also both on the same zt network. One is an API web server that answers POST requests, the other is a client using curl or wget to interact with the API server.

Sending the request to the internal network address (192.168.1.x) works as expected.

Sending to the zt address fails.
I tried curl with --interface and the zt’s interface name and also wget with --bind-address and the zt local ip, both failed.

What’s the way to solve this?
(The solution of course is for 2 zt machines that are not on the same lan…)


I don’t see a reason why curl wouldn’t work.
I do have a webserver with zerotier installed, and I can get to it using curl by either IP address.
It looks more like a binding issue. Are you positive that the API is listening on the Zerotier interface also?

@grendon you were absolutely right. I double checked and I did have some confusion between the different ZT networks and ZT machines. So dumb on my side!

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