What does it take to get Multipath to work with 1.6.5?

I am running zerotier 1.6.5 on OpenWRT and have created a local config file containing:

  "settings": {
    "defaultBondingPolicy": "balance-xor"

When I run zerotier-cli -j listbonds all peers show "isBonded": false and only one entry in paths even though I have multiple links connected.

What does it take to get Multipath to work? How can I debug issues?

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Do both nodes have at least two links to aggregate?

No, I only have multiple links on one of the nodes. I would expect the node with multiple links to use those multiple links to balance packets across those links to other nodes even if those other nodes only have one link.

Is that not how it works?

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Hello @zt-joseph

Any news regarding this ? Multipath looks like a nice feature and would greatly benefit from a few more explanations. Especially what are the requirements and how we should expect it to work.


As i understand it at the moment, multipath/bonding works only if you have multiple phisical links on both the peers that you want to talk to each other on multiple paths. There is a ticket on github about it and a dev says that soon it’ll be possible to have multiple phisical links on one side bonded and a single bigger connection on the other side that will talk multipath. At least this is what i understood, please take a look and see if it answer your question.
The matter is discussed in the second question the user asks to the dev.

This is correct @corrado.steri the feature to allow this to work with only one side having multiple links is not available yet. In the ticket you linked to I mention following the progress in the dev-multipath branch. This feature is still in progress but not too far off.

The best place to ask about experimental multipath features on bleeding-edge branches is on GitHub, not this forum.

Additionally, not all multipath modes are ready for production yet but active-backup, balance-rr, and balance-xor are pretty stable at this point in the dev-multipath branch.

If you’re still having trouble getting it to work I would suggest making a ticket on our main repo and tell us what you’ve tried and what your environment looks like. Next week I can take a look to see what may be wrong and try to assist.

The new docs site at docs.zerotier.com will be updated as the dev-multipath branch matures.

Good luck and hope to hear back.

How far away do you think a release with those 3 options working will be?



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