What if same IP on multipie network with Briging

Hi to all
Suppose we have 3 or more remote networks and we want to connect them to the zerotier , which is easy to do.
But if now, we want to pass through these networks to the other internal machines by doing the above, Bridging , but all the networks have hypothetically the same IP ( to 254), how will the zerotier distinguish which one ( I am asking for; since from all 4 clients all the internal networks have the same IP ? And how is the above problem solved?
If I am not understood please as ask me for explanations , which I will give you so that I can find a solution, thanks.

I think I understood your question just fine.

Having devices with the same IP address is kind of like mailing a letter to someone and only putting their name on it. Everyone with that name will try to claim it, so the chances of the right person getting it is low.

Having the same IP on multiple hosts is known as an IP conflict and will cause a lot of issues in your network. There’s a few ways to solve this:

  1. Designate each site with a certain range of IPs. For instance, Site1 would have, Site2 would have, and Site3 would have
  2. Give each site its own subnet and use routing to interconnect the sites. For instance, Site1 would have, Site2 would have, and Site3 would have

Ultimately, I recommend against using bridging unless you actually need devices between sites to communicate at Layer2.

Thank you very much for your reply
I believe I have understood where my problem lies.
And I will implement the solution you suggested.
But as far as bridging is concerned I can’t avoid it , because, 1) I don’t want to implement a VPN and 2) I chose the implementation with zerotier exactly because this global network feature is given (without port forward) and basically I want to connect multiple different networks from different regions and cities , but unfortunately they have a buffer on the same subnet (192. 168.1.0/24) from the ISP which unfortunately cannot be easily changed, I hope to find a solution without having to travel again to all these ( 50 or so links) regions - cities. :wink:

Hello and thank you again

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