What is the bandwidth cap on GL-AR300M (NOR)?


I got a GL-AR300M (NOR) and installed zerotier on it (OpenWRT based router Qualcomm Atheros QCA9533 ver 2 rev 0) and ran some iperf3 test getting 2-3 Mbps (direct to my laptop from my sever 75-110 Mbps) looks like the CPU caps out at 100%. Is that expected performance?
Is there any configuration I maybe missing like encoding support etc?

Thanks for asking. If you cap the performance of iperf3 to something like 10Mb or 5Mb, do you get better results?

Do you know if it has AES hardware acceleration?

Looks like that SoC is a 32-bit MIPS architecture running at 650MHz. I’m unaware of any MIPS processors that have hardware AES, so QCA9533 likely doesn’t either. It’s quite an underpowered chip for trying to push lots of traffic via ZeroTier

It does not look like AES acceleration is doing much… it could be that it’s because encryption is done in user space.
Any way I found a work around for streaming media, however kept zerotier on it for shipping diagnostics.

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