Which matters more for moon, bandwidth or latency?

Hi all,

I wonder if moon server has any restriction or recommendation on bandwidth?

I’m currently having two options for setting up a moon, one is on a VPS with good latency, CDN and static V4 IP, but the bandwidth is pretty low as 3 Mbps. The other one is a home server with high bandwidth of ~1000 Mbps but the IP address may change over time and the network performance may decrease if I access it from other ISPs.

My home network of course sits on the same location of the home server, behind the same router (although with some VLAN segments for certain services), and I have a secondary gateway using OpenWRT (with ZeroTier) for transparent bridging all devices from home network and office. I also have another MikroTik hAP ac2 in my office, which also have ZeroTier set up, for again transparently bridge to my home, so that I can access office network from home as well as access home network from office. This is my main objective. I also have ZeroTier installed on my laptops and phones so I can work anywhere.

The question is, should I set up the moon on the VPS or home server? I have full control on my home network, e.g., I can NAT on almost any ports (except 80 and 443) from home server, but I have no control on office network which I have only LAN IP. I need relatively high speed between home and office network as I occasionally need to transfer large files or streaming videos from office servers (not managed by me again, and cannot be accessed from outside office network).

AFAIK I need to see if some technology called UDP punching or so (I don’t quite familiar with) could be established from either side to determine if direct connect can be established without proxy all data on the moon server. And if this can be established, the speed of moon server is irrelevant, otherwize, better moon bandwidth would be ideal, is that right? I don’t know how to determine if this can be established as well.

Furthermore, I don’t see an option of orbit on MikroTik client, I wonder if the moon can be propagated within ZT network, or, if some client has moon correctly configured, what will happen if other clients do not configure moon、

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Seems no body knows, even the official support team :stuck_out_tongue: