Which Microtik Architectures have 100Mbps+ ZT throughput


I need to implement a layer2 ethernet bridge over WAN for a business user. The goal is to have this appear equivilent to an ethernet cable – all VLANs are bridged over this transparently (without having to separate them out as separate ZT networks, etc). I’ve seen some instructions elsewhere to accomplish this, so I think that will work OK.

The bigger question is on the topic of performance. I need the system to support a minimum of 100Mbps of throughput; preferably more. My searches have yielded another topic here that mentioned the ARM32 peaks at about 45Mbps and the ARM64 is good for 450Mbps. However, there aren’t many ARM64 devices readily available on the open market yet (at least, not through my suppliers). However, there’s no reference about other Microtik architectures, such as the TILE architecture. I also have several devices with MIPSBE, but I suspect those are pretty weak (although I don’t know).

For testing, I have several RB2011’s, but I’m sure those are not going to achieve my performance targets. I have a few TILE devices as well, but can procure something in stock if it makes sense. For example, most of their CCR devices are TILE…I would expect they’re good enough, but perhaps they don’t have a compatible hardware encryption support?

In any case, I’d appreciate more guidance for hardware selections.


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