Why is your connection so fast with SMB Shares Vs a Standard VPN?

I use your free service to stream music from my home Roon Server to my office PC as well as my Mobile/Tablet when out and About. Works great thanks!
When Working from Home we use a SonicWall VPN to connect to to our office network (the entire network of course) and we typically get about 2-3Megabytes per second download speed if copying a file home from a windows SMB Share.
We have a 1 Gigabit up and down connection in the office and I have 550megabit down and 36megabit up at home.
When I use Zerotier to copy a file to my home PC from my Work PC it maxes out at over 50Megabytes per second.
Of course windows shares were never meant to be used over the LAN which is the reason outlined here:
SMB/CIFS Performance Over WAN Links | Microsoft Docs
How do you achive this? Just curious.
It initially made me consider your enterprise version for use in our office for home users but now we will be moving the shares to sharepoint so it is a moot point.
Just wondering how on earth you get such great performance? is it the encryption protocol you use?
Thanks though - love your product!

Hi! Thanks for writing.
What is your latency over zerotier to your office? It must be pretty good if you’re impressed with the SMB performance. :slight_smile:

Not sure why the other VPN would be that much slower. Could be a processing power thing. The router is doing the crytpography in one case (for many users at once), your office PC in the zerotier case.

The other thing is zerotier is peer to peer. In some cases a VPN would route through some cloud server, which adds latency. SMB hates latency.

ZeroTier uses compression which has a significant performance benefit for file sharing over the network.

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Thanks for the responses.
Home: 11ms Ping 543.26mbps Down / 34.80mbps Up
Work: 3ms Ping 841.29mbps Down / 939.08mbps Up

So; latency is awesome at work and quite decent at home.

Yes I upload from the work PC to home at over 30MB/s consistently through ZeroTier although I have seen it higher - even 50MB/s which is almost capping my Home download.

When using our SonicWall SMA (Secure Mobile Access) Device to connect to office using NetExtender the maximum I get while copying to a UNC Share is about 3MB/s. It also takes quite a while before it can even starts transferring.

The SMA uses SSL for the VPN I think so clearly your encryption is better for performance with regard to SMB shares.

As you say maybe it’s the compression as well.

Thanks guys anyway :wink:

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