Why the official always insists not to let the moon server support ddns

I repeatedly tried to use the ddns domain name as the entry point to build a zerotier moon server, but it always failed. After repeated searches on search engines, I learned that zerotier moon does not support ddns. The sporadic explanation in the github issue vaguely stated that it will lead to a high DDoS risk, which makes me very incomprehensible.

The purchase of a server requires additional costs, and you have to operate and maintain it yourself. Attackers often crack the root password and plant a Trojan horse, mining or even use it for illegal purposes, resulting in shutting down.

As a user, I understand and are willing to bear the risks brought by DDoS. Will this lead to official consideration of supporting ddns on the moon server?

ZeroTier doesn’t use DNS as part of it’s protocol. It’s all IP address based. As such, moons & roots require a static IP address.

To your concern of password cracking, you can configure SSH to only allow key based authentication instead of password based authentication. There are other utilities such as fail2ban to automatically prevent people/bots making password cracking attempts against your server(s).

Thanks for your reply, zerotier is a very useful tool, I like it very much, and hope it gets better and better

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