why ZeroTier Central doesn't show the connected ZeroTier Client from Mikrotik

why ZeroTier Central doesn’t show the connected ZeroTier Client from Mikrotik?
Why does ZeroTier on Mikrotik not display the ZeroTier Address so I can manually enter it into ZeroTier Central?

Thank you.

This is a question you’ll have to ask Mikrotik themselves as they are the ones that did the implementation & integration with RouterOS.

Did you mean the clients behind Mikrotik?

If yes, Mikrotik is not a “hub” or a “DHCP server” for Zerotier clients in your network.

In Zerotier Central you won’t see any of your local clients that haven’t the Zerotier client installed. Although, you can reach each of then by configuring managed routes on Zerotier Central via your Mikrotik host.

As showed below in my managed routes I can reach any client connected in two different locations just using 2 peers on both ends.

None of my clients on both networks aren’t running Zerotier client.

A side note about routing traffic through Zerotier is that I couldn't do with a /24 subnet, so I decided to use /16 on Zerotier Central.

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